Ah, Regret.

“Kbye” IS a word. Just look it up in the meh-ctionary.
Wed, 26 November 2008, 11:10 am
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“Meh” is the official catchphrase of surly lumps everywhere (see Fig. 1).


Fig 1: Surly Lump.

Yet if you think about it, despite its importance to surly-lump-dom, it’s not really much of a word.  It’s more like… a mutter.  Certainly not noble enough to be found in a dictionary (other than the urban one), right?  

Wrong!  Apparently “Meh” has officially entered the English language.  LOL!  According to the Associated Press,

The expression of indifference or boredom has gained a place in the Collins English Dictionary after generating a surprising amount of enthusiasm among lexicographers.

More? Meh.