Ah, Regret.

Brad does a lot more for me.
Thu, 23 October 2008, 1:57 pm
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Excerpt from a conversation at our post-soccer-game gathering at the bar last night:

Me: The Coug’s childhood bedroom is plastered with pictures of the U.S. Women’s National [Soccer] Team circa 1999, as well as an Angelina Jolie calendar.
Hillary (our teammate): Angelina Jolie never really did much for me.
Me: Me either, actually.
The Coug: Well she does a lot for me.

Cougar, I guess we are just going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

A Point of View Not Shared By Any Lesbians or Straight Men

Fig. 1: A Point of View Probably Not Shared By Any Gay Women or Straight Men (or Anyone Else)


Erin (is Rachel Maddow)?

Lesbos love Rachel Maddow.  In fact, if you’ve ever perused AfterEllen.com, you’d think she was the new lesbian messiah (sorry, Ellen).  I have to confess that I never watched “The Rachel Maddow Show” until Sunday night (which is distressing, because I try to leave no lesbian stereotype unproven).  Luckily Bondy–that pioneer of uhauling–is hip to the Maddow madness and got me to watch it.

My impressions:  Maddow is cheesy but lovable (let the backlash begin!).  I think she should hire me to be a commentator on her show.  I could make a stream of snide remarks to help offset the cheesiness.  On the other hand–as evidenced by my brief yet illlustrious employment at AfterEllen.com–angry lesbians love her (and Gwyneth Paltrow?!?! Someone please explain this one to me sometime.), but they do not love me (explain this, too!).  So perhaps her agent won’t be calling my agent anytime soon.

Anyway.  Yesterday Alex sent me a link to this charming little NYT Magazine profile of Ms. Maddow.  I fully expected to find out that Maddow is just as lovable and down-to-earth as her AE-filtered image suggests.  What I did not expect to discover was that Rachel Maddow has a lot in common with… Erin?!

Now we all know that like Maddow, Erin is–despite her frequent outrage and general pugnacity–lovable.  But if you think that’s where the similarities end, you’re wrong.  Not convinced?  Look no further than the following point-by-point comparison.

Rachel & Erin: Cut from the Same Cloth (Probably Flannel)

More in common than a love of button-down shirts?

More in common than a love of button-down shirts?

Exhibit L.