Ah, Regret.

Belated Birthday Blog-Worthiness

OK so as you’re certainly aware, my birthday was eight days ago.  I’m a year older, surlier, and a whole lot gayer (“wiser” is up for debate).  But enough about how awesome I am.  The reason for this post is that some of the Internet-based birthday wishes I received were just too hilarious to keep to myself.  So, for your consideration, I present the following:

My Top 3 Blog-Worthy Bday Wishes

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What I really need is a baby unicorn to sit with me while I blog
Wed, 20 August 2008, 1:38 pm
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And I’m sure she’d agree that these Gro & Katja pics are really cute and need to be posted. (More apologies to you avid AfterEllen-ers.)

Don’t you just love sporty lesbian couples. (Baby Unicorn: Yes!)

My Other Favorite Couple
Thu, 14 August 2008, 3:30 pm
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Gro Hammerseng and Katja Nyberg

Gro Hammerseng & Katja Nyberg

You know how much I love L. Ron, but why are HammBerg my other favorites?

  1. They are hot.
  2. They excel at the great sport of handball (Team Norway).
  3. They are an openly gay Olympic athlete power couple–they’ve been living together for a while (since shortly after their first date, I’d imagine) and are out and proud and all that rainbow stuff. (Although from what I understand, being a lesbo on a Norwegian handball team is about as outrageous as being a lesbo on Loose Cannon.)

Team Norway is lucky to have them. (Perhaps some of you readers have known the many joys of playing competitive sports with a gay power couple.)

More Gro & Katja.

Thank you Alex for bringing this lovable couple to my attention, and also for devoting large chunks of your workday to discussing various gay topics with me via gchat, including L. Ron, bisexuality, handball, hot Olympic ladies, openly gay Olympic athletes, and of course the pressing issue of which women’s Olympic sport is the gayest (Basketball? Softball? Handball? The jury is still out [pun intended]).

Rice: nice.
Mon, 11 August 2008, 10:35 am
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Monday morning office cooler hot topic: Olympic swimmers omgzzz! The men’s team and their exciting relay win, etc. etc. Well if I may, I’d like to take the focus off athletic achievement for a minute and place it back where it belongs: looks.

Let me just start off by saying I’m not a huge fan of swimming. I have a long list of other Olympic sports I’d rather observe, most of them involving a ball (soccer, rhythmic gymnastics, etc.). Anyway, the thing with swimmers is that they’re just not that hot. Phelps is not a bad-looking young guy, but that’s just the thing–he’s a guy. Female swimmers tend to look like this:

Oh dear. So Friday evening, just as I’m lamenting to Erin about how I’d rather be watching a rousing match of handball, I look up at the TV screen and my eyes see this:

Hot(!) lady swimmer?! Must be a mistake, she’s on the beach volleyball team right? Apparently not. Stephanie Rice, Austrialian (accent !!!), 20 years old, model, tabloid magnet, my new reason to watch women’s swimming. (If, like me, you need to see more, here you go.) I’m sure she’d kiss a girl, just to try it. (And like it!)

(Hmm, any more posts like this, and Erin will be restricting my Olympic viewing to the Puppy Games.)