Ah, Regret.

There’s a giant gay storm coming… (Is that why it’s snowing in Boulder right now?)
Fri, 17 April 2009, 11:51 am
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I’m sure you’ve already seen this video posted on Facebook, Twitter, gchat, or one of the fifteen other applications that comprise your interent social life, but juuust in case you haven’t, make sure you check it out.  Colbert really knows how to make subversiveness fun.

(Thanks Alex.  You may be running on Pacific Standard Time, but somehow you’re always Eastern Standard Time on top of things.  I’m in Mountain Standard Time, but I like to get up late.)

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I have a lot of feelings

Reading the news (not just celeb gossip, but real news! And celeb gossip.) this week, I was on rollercoaster of emotion.  How is that different from any other week in the life of a lesbian, you ask?  Er… I guess it isn’t.  However, I’m still going to highlight the ups and downs for you, so you’d better grab a box of tissues.

Bad-news-first style?  OK.  I write with a heavy heart that our beloved headline-grabbing, label-shunning, chain-smoking, DJ-ing, matching-tattoo-sporting, MySpace-blogging, after-after-Ellen couple, L.Ron, is a couple no more.


To be honest, this makes me sad.  Regardless of what these two individuals are like as people, their relationship was actually pretty meaningful to today’s crop of baby dykes.  When they started to show up in the tabloid headlines, not as “lesbian lovers” but more as just as two (extremely famous) people in love, it was as if their story had almost transcended the usual tabloid trash.  Suddenly we weren’t just staring blankly at the glossies to kill time in the grocery line; we were witnessing some kind of cultural shift.  It struck a chord.  Maybe we even canned the cynical humor for just a second and started to reflect on some issues that are actually kind of important in our society.

It’s been a Week.

Reason #118 you shouldn’t flatter old lesbians
Fri, 16 January 2009, 3:37 pm
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me i dont think you’re fat!
Bondy will you marry me?

What we learned this weekend
Mon, 13 October 2008, 12:43 pm
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Connecticut has joined the United States of Sodom and Gomorrah!  Yay!  So that brings the count to a whopping… 3.  *sigh*

Betty White called Sarah Palin “one crazy bitch” lol!

Now that I’ve graduated from college I’m suddenly good at beer pong (high-altitude, at least).  Ah, regret.

And the best news of all… Lindsay Lohan loves leggings.

I turn my back on pop culture for two seconds…

As much as I love to devote at least eight hours every weekday to staying on the forefront of super-important pop culture news, let’s face it: I have better things to do on the weekend.  And usually it’s not a huge deal to spend five extra minutes catching up on Monday morning.  

Well this particular Monday morning, upon reading the usual sources, I found myself feeling completely… whelmed.  (Not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed, just whelmed.)  So I’m going to try to sort out my feelings for a minute here.

  • Lindsay went on (another) politix-blogging spree.  Except this time it would appear that the post was co-written by Samantha (hmm… just trying to imagine what a Val/Erin post would look like.  Title: Erin Has a Big Gay Crush on Jennifer Garner.  I Do Not!  You Do Too.  Hmph!!! Hmph.).  Wow, a joint blog post.  They. Do. Everything. Together!!! But no need to be alarmed, this is just typical lesbian behavior, I’m told.  Anyway, Lindsay, I demand that you stop this political commentary and get back to what’s really important: telling Sam how much you love her, using secret cryptic abbreviations.
  • Speaking of Palin (since it’s impossible not to), Amy Poehler and Tina Fey (!!!) performed a damn funny skit on Saturday’s SNL.  We are talking Debbie-Downer-level funny, here.  I’m sure you’ve seen it by now.  If you haven’t, then for the love of god stop reading this and click the link.
  • (EDIT) Gay marriage is now legal has been legal in Norway since June, but happened in a church for the first time.  (Good news for Gro and Katja ? if they care about god as much as handball, I suppose) I’m sure god will smite the Norwegians any day now, and when he does, I’ll be filled with relief that the U.S. hasn’t adpoted similarly evil legislation.
  • Paint-altered photos are now all the rage in the blogosphere.  I’m happy to take credit.
And on that note…

Why blog or gchat about anything else?
Thu, 11 September 2008, 11:08 am
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SamRo Ready to tie the gay knot

According to New York’s Daily News, Ronson was overheard telling friends during a recent gig at LA’s Chateau Marmont “by the end of this year, my love will be Mrs. Ronson.”

Alexandra: who the heck calls their signif other my love
mejustin timberlake does!       

Alexandra: did you see this:
“Lindsay and Samantha first sparked rumours they were dating in March this year, and in May the ‘Mean Girls’ actress referred to the DJ as ‘my husband’ at the Cannes Film Festival.  
While in Cannes, Lindsay also joked the couple wanted to have a partnership ceremony at Dolly Parton’s ‘Dollywood’ theme park.”

Honestly, what is not to love about these two.

Everything you always wanted to know about C. Wang* (*But were afraid to ask)
Tue, 9 September 2008, 12:03 pm
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  • She lives in Charm City aka B-more, Lesboland
  • She is gay married, which is all the rage.
  • She is a beer snob.
  • She loves crabs.  And other seafood.  Fish tacos, I’m sure.
  • When dissatisfied with ground-level views, she perches in a tree.
  • She was my housemate (until I had to suddenly uhaul away).
  • She has a keen ear for my easy-to-miss muttered side-comments.
  • She believes in unicorns.
  • (My personal favorite:) She wrote about kburg’s “fiery eyes” in a now-legendary RSD post.


  • She has a blog but posts with Virb-like (in)frequency.