Ah, Regret.

We’re not gay…

…we just really love cake.


You’re probably wondering how we got it to look like that.  Well… we just touched it.  JK!!!!!  

Actually, Erin and I went through the extremely labor-intensive–yet gratifying, in a womanly sort of way–process of “baking”.  Not my preferred method of creating foods (Measuring exact amounts!  Baking for exact times!  Wondering whether it’s “done” or not!  The perils of high-altitude baking!), but I think the results were worth the slavish hours spent in the kitchen.  And considering the fact that Erin was involved, I’m thanking my lucky stars that neither the cake nor the kitchen ended up in flames.

The recipe comes from surprisingly entertaining foodie blog The Omnomicon.  (Mad props to Virb for suggesting that I “make this cake and blog about it”.)  Now I’m not usually the type to read blogs about foodstuffs, but I have to admit that this one stands on its own as worthwhile reading material.  Case in point:  the author’s recommended occasions for serving the rainbow cake:

  • A child’s birthday
  • Your mom’s birthday
  • Coming out to your conservative parents
    • If you’re a lesbian, they’ll be thrilled that you won’t be forgoing your feminine kitchen duties.
    • If you’re the kind of gay dude who makes cakes for your parents, they were probably on to you anyway.

You’ll note that the original recipe is low in both fat and sugar.  Well, that just doesn’t sound like cake to me.  If I’m going to eat healthy cake, I might as well drink decaf coffee or the “reformulated” version of Sparks.  Besides, if god wanted cake to be healthy, he wouldn’t have created butter and sugar.  So in order to avoid blashpemy (and healthy eating), Erin and I modified the recipe to include heart-stopping (or in sugar’s case, quite the opposite) amounts of those ingredients.

Such a momentous cake-baking should not go un-photo-documented.  So allow me to walk you through our gay day in the kitchen:



Going down in a gay blaze of glory


“I’m going to need you to fill out a Witness Statement form,” said the fire detective.  Well, if I had a computer and a lot more time and energy, here’s what I would have written:

Just the facts, ma’am.