Ah, Regret.

Jersey Suburb, Episode 2: Tanning
Tue, 7 June 2011, 9:55 pm
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Wow, this is already by far the most consistent blogging I’ve ever done.  And by “blogging” I mean “vlogging”.  And by “vlogging” I mean “posting videos of myself acting like a smug lesbian guido so that I don’t have to actually sit down and compose meaningful sentences.”  God bless the internetz.  And the jerz.  (And anything else that is awesome enough to end with a “z”.)


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oh em gee! I love you! and I love yous guys and I love cat’s bikini! and that she’s wearing 100 spf! haha! love it all! ps. i’m going to the beach cuz it’s almost sunny and it’s cold. but hey, it’s almost sunny.
glad i can feel a part of your trip through the wonderful world of vlogging! yay!
ps. you make a great guido

Comment by violetowl

I was born this waa-HAY!

Comment by VallyO

Mos def 100 on the body!

Comment by Rae

Heyyooo !!

I’ll second that ;)

Comment by VallyO

OMG! I can’t believe that sun sparkle when you wink. So perfect. You gotta figure out how to do that on purpose.

Comment by bondy

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