Ah, Regret.

Why am I so unhealthily obsessed with Twitter, you ask?


Because it produces exchanges like this one.  Which blow my unhealthily-L.Ron-obsessed mind.

@TheEllenShow: On today’s show, Lindsay Lohan tells me the truth about her breakup with Samantha Ronson. http://bit.ly/yjnqG

@samantharonson: @TheEllenShow oooooh- oooooh- i wanna know!

@sevinnyne6126: @TheEllenShow tell me all the deets!


And to think that when Twitter first got popular I asked myself, “Why do I even need this thing?”  The horror!


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i can totally relate.

except my addiction has sunk to a new low. following trace cyrus’s tweets to young demi lovato?? oy vey.

and yes yes, SO meta.

Comment by alex

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