Ah, Regret.

Still chasing rainbows


'I love lesbians, but in the least d-bag way possible.'

This past weekend Denver was hosting some sort of rainbow-lovers’ festival.  And I <3 rainbows!!!!!  So I rounded up fellow ROYGBIV-ers Camby and Erin, and we hopped onto our unicorn and rode into the city to see what all the fuss was about.


We may be proud, but sadly our beer is still forced into hiding.


He blew those bubbles right onto a big fat bear, who was not amused.




Taste the rainbow.


Mmm... feelings


Campbell: 'If I were gay, I'd work out a lot more.'


Erin is already veiny enough to be a gay male dancer.


Um... I think this one is for straight girls.


Words to live by.


I want my patio to look like this.


I think you have too many shades. SHUT UP.


Erin really wanted this tank top.


Wait... what ?!?!


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we were just showing that we were united in our support of gay rights…yeah yeah that’s the ticket.

Comment by Erin

Hey Erin, you want to go on a hike on the “Appalachian Trail.” I think I have some public money lying around.

Comment by rbiguglyheadj

hehe, she knows what that means now!

Comment by Erin

hhhhaa im so sad i missed this by a week!

Comment by iwentwest

[…] rainbows, unicorns, and fattening treats, preferably at the same time–like this, this, or this.  Well so does Jessie Oleson, the writer/illustrator/baker extraordinaire […]

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