Ah, Regret.

Everybody loves a Jersey Boy
Thu, 4 June 2009, 2:15 pm
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Faithful readers, you know this man.  But you may not recognize him, because the last time you saw him, his ratio of facial hair to hair-on-head was reversed.  However, you can rest assured that, regardless of his hair situation, Campbell aka C Man aka CamBaloney (whoops, was that last one supposed to stay between you and your mom?) is still the lezbro–New Jersey born and bred!–we all know and love.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce that our dear friend, who once turned up his nose at the mere mention of the so-called blogosphere, has just become its newest and most enthusiastic member!  That’s right, our beloved lezbro–who has dubbed himself Less Annoying Than Guy Fieri (note to my foodie readers: I’m sorry, but I did have to google that name)–is going to use our era’s finest form of publication to regale us (in a manner that is, presumably, less than unbearably annoying) with tales of life, love, and–most important–food!

So after a long night of drinking Heinekens and scamming on hot skanks at the dance club, head on over to the blog that’s open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, complete with a surly waitstaff that’s always available to offer you a cup of lukewarm coffee–or to just ignore you completely until the second you get up to walk out of the *$&@!# place.  Jersey style (<3).


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um, hi campbell. call me when you’re in philly and we can go to a diner. thxbye.

Comment by wix

I actually really enjoyed the intro blog. And agree with campbell, no reservations is a great show and D, D & D is a huge piece of crap expounded by GF’s shameless plugging of TGI Friday’s food (i would have sold my soul too)

Comment by Brendan

campbell had me at ‘pork belly’. AND he loves donuts and roasts cornish hens at (un)reasonable hrs. it tugs at my heart strings.

as wix would say, food = love (= life).

Comment by originalmf

I feel so loved. I’m glad to have all new e-friends.

Comment by rbiguglyheadj

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