Ah, Regret.

I have a lot of feelings

Reading the news (not just celeb gossip, but real news! And celeb gossip.) this week, I was on rollercoaster of emotion.  How is that different from any other week in the life of a lesbian, you ask?  Er… I guess it isn’t.  However, I’m still going to highlight the ups and downs for you, so you’d better grab a box of tissues.

Bad-news-first style?  OK.  I write with a heavy heart that our beloved headline-grabbing, label-shunning, chain-smoking, DJ-ing, matching-tattoo-sporting, MySpace-blogging, after-after-Ellen couple, L.Ron, is a couple no more.


To be honest, this makes me sad.  Regardless of what these two individuals are like as people, their relationship was actually pretty meaningful to today’s crop of baby dykes.  When they started to show up in the tabloid headlines, not as “lesbian lovers” but more as just as two (extremely famous) people in love, it was as if their story had almost transcended the usual tabloid trash.  Suddenly we weren’t just staring blankly at the glossies to kill time in the grocery line; we were witnessing some kind of cultural shift.  It struck a chord.  Maybe we even canned the cynical humor for just a second and started to reflect on some issues that are actually kind of important in our society.

Now don’t get me wrong–I realize that Lindsay Lohan is no gay activist.  In fact, she is not–by any stretch of the imagination–fit to be a role model.  Of any sort.  At.  All.  And yet, I find myself feeling strangely indebted to her.  Should I be ashamed to admit this?  (The Van Dykes: “YES!”)

Anyway.  Now the question remains:  Will they get back together?  Well, considering that Samantha had the locks at her house changed and supposedly did some research on restraining orders, it could be a long shot.  On the other hand… they’re lesbians.  And you know lesbians love their breaking-ups and their getting-back-togethers.  So we will just have to see.

But cheer up, dear readers–I saved you the best for last, Vanessa Williams style (sometimes the sun goes round the moon, Lindsay and Sam!  Just sayin’.).  It looks like our conservative, Jesus-loving little country took a few more teensy baby steps towards enlightenment this week.  And it’s not just those sinning liberal Northeasterners this time!  That’s right, gay marriage is now a reality in both liberal hippie Vermont and good ol’ wholesome Iowa!


(Thanks, Brady!)

Hm, it’s kind of sad that California just got out-gayed by a state best known for cornfields, but hey–I’ll take it.  With all that Prop 8 crap ruining my mood lately, it’s nice to have a few little rainbows poking through the clouds.  Maybe–juuuust maybe–we’re getting there.  One state, and one drug/alcohol-soaked celebrity relationship at a time.


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Have you seen the commercial made by the National Organization for (Straight) Marriage?
I love how they are forming a “rainbow coalition” to save marriage…GAY!

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