Ah, Regret.

One Hundred Blogs of Lumpitude
Wed, 19 November 2008, 3:04 pm
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OK so, 100 is a pretty big deal, right?  You’ve got One Hundred Years of Solitude, the Billboard Pop 100, hundred-dolla bills y’all, 100 proof tequila, and so forth.  Well get ready to add another important 100-related thing to that prestigious list: apparently my previous post–you know, that totally awesome one about lesbian ghost stories–was my hundredth one!


Wow, let’s pause and reflect on that.  Let’s think about just how much of our lives we’ve spent soaking up my snarky rainbow-hued commentary and hilariously Paint-altered photos, instead of doing actual work at work, or doing grad school homework, or training for a marathon, or finishing that novel we’ve been working on.  



Ah, regret.

Anyway, aside from filling ourselves with regret, I was thinking that another fun thing to do right now would be to take a look at the current top five Ah, Regret posts of all time.  In other words, these are the posts with the most views.  What does that say about you people, the readers?

#5: You love the sporty-cute-handball-team-couple-ness of Gro & Katja.  Uh yeah I know, they are seriously the cutest!

#4: You love to rank people’s “gayness”.  Please note the comment section on this one.

#3: You love that ever-so-talented barsexual, Katy Perry.  I know it’s a catchy song, but ugh!  Come on, people!

#2: You got caught up in Palinpalooza.  Needless to say, this would be a lot less funny now if the election had turned out differently.

#1: You love regret.  And you were just as outraged as I was when someone tried to come between us and our beloved.

So um… I guess this is the part where I say “thanks” to you readers.  You guys are quite a crew: some gay, some supposedly straight, some claiming to “toe the line”, some stubbornly refusing labels, I think two or three men (who just so happen to love feelings), and one MILF.  In the words of Fallout Boy, thnx 4 th mmrs (old folks: that’s “thanks for the memories”, get with the program!), and keep checking your internet tubes for more surly lumpiness coming your way!


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i confess to #4 and #2, but otherwise, i have no regrets!

youre the bestest blog ever. actually, yours is the only blog i read religiously. well, you and AE, but we both know where i find more amusement.

Comment by iwentwest

#4 was definitely my favorite due to the comment chain. and the wisdom of the pioneer.

Comment by Erin

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