Ah, Regret.

Finally, a career!
Mon, 10 November 2008, 12:31 pm
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So here’s a funny story I think you people might enjoy.  I was at Target yesterday, perusing the pajama section (is anyone else disturbed that they make those one-piece “footie” pajamas for adults?), when I heard some guy behind me say, “Excuse me, hi.”

Me: [Oh crap!  A stranger is talking to me!  Can I somehow flee the scene?  What’s the quickest escape root?  Ladies’ Lingerie?  Newborn Clothing?  Electronics?]  Hi.

The Guy: Have you ever considered modeling or acting?

Me: [I think we can all agree that I would have been a fool to have “considered” said careers.] Er… no…

The Guy [whom I’m suddenly noticing is short, fat, and balding]: Well, you should.  I work for blah blah blah [plus-size? ugly-face?] modeling agency, and we’re having auditions next weekend, so you should come.  I think you have a “look”.  Here’s my card, you should check out our website.

Me: *stifling bewildered laughter* Oh, um, OK.  Cool.  I’ll check that out.  Thanks!

Oh, I have a “look”, all right.  What would we call it?


Think I can make some paper with this mug?  Does modeling require wearing makeup?


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please publish the name of this website so i can stalk you once you send in your headshots.

Comment by iwentwest


when you are famous, can i do your hair and makeup?

Comment by hx


Comment by VallyO

[…] many of you devoted readers will remember one very soild career possibility that I discussed in this blog.  And yes, while I agree that the model/actor gig looks great on […]

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