Ah, Regret.

Cindy, I know you read my blog.

[gchat excerpt from this morning] 

Colin are we going to get an election blog post through a lesbian lens?
me hmm
i hate the election and i’m gay.
there’s the post.

OK people, calm down for just a minute and give me a chance to clarify that statement.  It was one of those heat-of-the-moment things so perhaps it didn’t come out quite right.  What I was really trying to say was, “I strongly dislike the number and frequency of harassing election-related phone calls (many robocalls, some real [college junior poly-sci major] people) I have received over the past several weeks due to being an unaffiliated voter in a swing state, and society may consider me gay, but I don’t like labels–there’s a spectrum, you know!”

Phew.  I guess emotions are running high–or, for lesbos (and [including?] Hx), “higher than usual”–right now with all of this election anxiety.  In case you were wondering, yes I did Barack the vote today (Colin: I was Biden my time waiting for you to tell me that).  I know my vote doesn’t count (I don’t care what you say, Hx! Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t really mean that.  I do care what you say.  Every vote counts.  The audacity of hope.  Obamarama.), but there’s no way I was going to miss out on the coveted “I Voted” sticker.  If I get caught walking around town without that thing stuck to my shirt, a bunch of hippie college kids just might feel the need to beat some social consciousness into me with their bong.

Anyway.  Back to the robocalls.  The following is a list of the people (robots?) who have called me lately to tell me an important message (in no particular order): Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Rudolph Giuliani(?!), John McCain.  The following is a list of the people who have not called me lately to tell me an important message: Cindy McCain.  

I know, right!  What’s up with that?  I would have thought that Cindy would have had an important message for me regarding prescription drug addiction, or starving orphans in India, or the loneliness of marriage or something.  Well I have a message for you, Cindy: maybe if you’d taken the time to call me I would have voted differently.  But it’s too late for that now!  Listen Cindy, I’ve said this to your husband (and also to JoJo), and now I’ll say it to you: take a look at my blog title.  You feeling a little bit like that right now?  (Cindy: “We didn’t want your gay vote anyway.”)



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