Ah, Regret.

LTC 2008!

Last Friday at approximately 10:00 AM I informed Shelley Su that it was LTC time.  I said “LTC” because abbrevs sound way cooler than complete words.  Besides, when it comes to full words, TNET (there’s never enough time)!!

Anyway, I always assume that everyone knows the meanings of all the initials/acronyms in the Val vernacular.  Apparently not.  However, anytime you don’t quite get my meaning, remember that a) it’s probably dirty/inappropriate; and b) context clues can help.  For example, in this case, it was mid-morning on a work day.  What was the one thing I could really use under those circumstances?  Exactly!  A Lunch-Time Cocktail.  (I should note that I stole this phrase from Erin… but it’s mine now!)

Shelley may not have known what LTC stood for, but that didn’t stop her from taking a stab at it.  And I think the following guess shows that not only is Shelley clever, but she knows me frighteningly well:  

me: LTC time !!
Shelley: what’s ltc? lesbian tequila conference?

Brilliant.  How did I never think of this?  Let’s have a lesbian tequila conference!

LTC 2008!

LTC 2008!

Well, I suppose I’ve had LTCs (of sorts) before.  I mean I’m a lesbian, and I’ve drunk tequila with at least one other person (regret loves company!).  But maybe we could do something more official, like rent out a hotel conference room and order a Winehouse-worthy 48 bottles of tequila.  And we could have guest lectures!

“Tequila-Induced Motherfuckerness” (The OMF)

“I’m Gay but I Like My Tequila Straight (Up)” (me)

“Thoughts on the Relationship Between Drinking Tequila and Sending Unrequited Late-Night Text Messages to Straight Girls” (Alex)

“Ew, Tequila Tastes Like a Foot” (Erin)

Wow, I think this conference has the potential to produce that perfect mixture of fun and regret that I hope to achieve every time I unscrew a cap, pop a cork, crack open a can, etc etc.  

LTC ’08… who’s in?  I mean–out.  Or toeing the line (and able to be lured back out of the closet by tequila)?


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what about the effects of drinking tequila at high altitudes?

Comment by Erin

that tequila bottle is spectacular! as is this post.

Comment by originalmf

[…] Plans for LTC underway. A conference where socializing is helped along with a culprit to many a night of regret, […]

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Comment by iwentwest

This TLA shiznit is a PIA to keep tack of. Yes, a dangling prep. Big whoop.

Comment by Bondy

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