Ah, Regret.

Belated Birthday Blog-Worthiness

OK so as you’re certainly aware, my birthday was eight days ago.  I’m a year older, surlier, and a whole lot gayer (“wiser” is up for debate).  But enough about how awesome I am.  The reason for this post is that some of the Internet-based birthday wishes I received were just too hilarious to keep to myself.  So, for your consideration, I present the following:

My Top 3 Blog-Worthy Bday Wishes

#3: Email from Jed.

subject: Jed has sent you a card from someecards.com!

Apparently I’m so gay that I make other people gayer–without even touching them!  Oh dear.

#2: Facebook wall post from Cait (BU).

Cait wrote at 2:23pm:

Happy Birthday Val!! I tried to chop up Bahkoo and bake him in a cake for you, as it would have certainly been a delightful treat. Sadly, I was unable to capture him on a recent trip to the district.

It’s a little hard to explain the hilarity of this one, but let’s just say it pokes some gentle, loving fun at our beloved Hx.

#1: Email from Brendan.

subject: Question.

Hey val Just wanted to know….



happy birthday.

Even Stephanie’s Pumped!

Stephanie and I are pretty much over, but you have to love the Paint-altered photo!


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omg.i love your blog. it really brings the lols. thank you for exposing me to another way to procrastinate at work–it will surely get me through the cold boston fall as I sit trapped in my cube.

Comment by CaitCarouge(BU)

This may be the proudest moment of my life. I finally made it into Val’s blog. The hours and hours of pre-writing funny things to say to val on g-chat finally paid off!!!


Comment by Brendan

Haha Brendan, I’m glad today was the best (lesbian) day ever! Tell me, did commenting on my blog make you feel gay?

Comment by VallyO

I’d say more sexually confused than gay. But I think I liked it, so now I’m even more confused. (Good thing I’m not a girl or Marie-from-swat would be all over this post.)

Comment by Brendan

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