Ah, Regret.

What we learned this weekend
Mon, 13 October 2008, 12:43 pm
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Connecticut has joined the United States of Sodom and Gomorrah!  Yay!  So that brings the count to a whopping… 3.  *sigh*

Betty White called Sarah Palin “one crazy bitch” lol!

Now that I’ve graduated from college I’m suddenly good at beer pong (high-altitude, at least).  Ah, regret.

And the best news of all… Lindsay Lohan loves leggings.


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i’m totally crediting the altitude with this one. think of how much easier it is to throw a disc at this high altitude, i’m positive that translates to ping pong balls as well. oh crap, does this mean you’ll be better than me at table tennis at high altitudes? I don’t seem to remember it affecting boot during new years in breckenridge, but i don’t remember much from that new years, besides the party pig. I’m looking for shelley to weigh in on this one.

Comment by Erin

i kind of think lilo looks good in that picture. does that make me sick?

Comment by iwentwest


i was sooo excited about the party pig, i forget about the ping pong. though, boot has skillz at any altitude.

i thought if you trained at high altitudes, you were better at the lower ones. so if you have a winning record in boulder, then you should have an easier time of it elsewhere!

Comment by OMF

No, Shelley. The air is so much THICKER at sea level, my pong throws will surely fall far short of their intended destination! (Hmm… but hopefully then they’ll just bounce in.)

However, my high altitude drinking will prepare me for the large amounts of beer I’ll have to consume at sea level when I’m losing so badly.

Comment by VallyO

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