Ah, Regret.

Feeling worse than Cindy McCain without her painkillers
Fri, 3 October 2008, 2:52 pm
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“She held her own!'”  “She didn’t do too badly.”

OK am I SERIOUSLY hearing these statements with regards to Sarah Palin’s little performance last night?!  I’ve always maintained that “Americans are so stupid,” but I thought this statement applied to neither a) myself [still true!]; or b) people I know and respect [still true???].

You guys.  Palin did not “do pretty well.”  Yes, she did manage to meet the unbelievably LOW expectations (just stand there, recite the script, and don’t say anything about dinosaurs) that were set for her.  Yes, she did say “maverick” at least 18,000 times.  Per minute.  Yes, she did smile, look cute, and give a “shoutout” to an elementary school (?!?!?!!?).  But do any of these things make her even remotely qualified to RUN THIS COUNTRY after McCain’s 72 year-old heart beats its final angry beat?  First of all, I just threw up in my mouth.  And secondly, NO!

The appropriate reaction to Palin’s appearance in the debate last night is a mixture of smug amusement, disbelief, outrage, nausea, sadness, and an overwhelming feeling of defeat combined with the urge to move to Canada for real, not just threaten it this time.  So unless your comments are going to reflect the aforementioned sentiments, I suggest you go share them with someone who is not a very liberal, college-educated, condescending, crabby, pessimistic, easily outraged, snarky, surly, anti-stupidity-in-the-White-House elitist (i.e. ME).

I know I’ve poked fun at Palin numerous times in this blog, but the more I realize that most people in America don’t get the joke, the less I feel like joking around anymore.

Shelley, you were wrong.  I didn’t need tequila in my nalgene last night; I need it today.


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you thought you could insult shelley and i wouldn’t rush to her defense!? Maybe shelley was just telling you to get your tequila ready last night so you’d have it today. hmph.

Comment by Erin

I’d say Shelley is one of the few people I WASN’T trying to insult with this post…

Comment by VallyO

But I know how much you love to rush to Shelley’s defense, even if she’s not in peril! That motherfucker.

Comment by VallyO

agreed. thank god for you, val.

Comment by iwentwest

haha. thanks for defending my honor crider. and val, thanks for thinking i’m smarter than the avg person. must be the glasses! :)

Comment by originalmf

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