Ah, Regret.

This is already the best lesbian week ever.
Tue, 23 September 2008, 11:02 am
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So by now you’ve heard the totally awesome news:  Lindsay dropped the bomb!  Well actually, it wasn’t very bomb-like at all.  It was more like a casual affirmation (non-denial?).  But still a huge deal.  I know I said it was cool with me if those two didn’t want to do any relationship-defining.  But when I read the news today, I just  couldn’t prevent this little smile-type thingy from cracking on my surly face.

Special thank you to Virb for emailing me about the news an hour before I even got in to work.  It was a great, gay way to start my morning!  (Stupid Mountain Standard Time difference.  And poor Alex, another hour behind on breaking L. Ron news!)  But anyway, the important thing is that we’re all caught up now, so we can gchat about it incessantly for the rest of the day (and for days to come).

Also I love this pic.  I’ve been seeing it everywhere lately but I’m going to post it anyway.  And I’m not even going to alter it with Paint, because those smiles say it all, and I have a lot of feelings today.



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what a day! so many emotions!

Comment by iwentwest

that picture could very easily be of you and erin, on any given weekend.

Comment by hx

which one’s which

Comment by iwentwest

I could see Erin doing the sro pose.

Comment by VallyO

does that mean you’re going to start wearing mini dresses?

Comment by Erin

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