Ah, Regret.

Gonna get a lil serious for a sec, bear with me
Wed, 17 September 2008, 12:38 pm
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Lindsay Lohan and the New Definition of “Out” (Thanks Alex)

As you can clearly tell, blogging incessantly about L. Ron is both fun and hilarious.  But it’s actually cool for another reason which I haven’t touched upon that much (except maybe with the Dunst quote): it’s positive media coverage of two women who live openly in a same-sex relationship, and don’t deny or hide it, but refuse to define it with words.  For those of us who “don’t like labels” (which, yes, is a gay thing to say, but is also true) this is pretty meaningful.

“But Val, you love labels!  Your blog is soooo gay.”

Not so fast, Batgirl.  I know my blog is full of rainbows and unicorns and gayness, much like me.  But what is “gay”, anyway?  I’ve dated guys.  I still think Beckham is hot (sorry honey, I had to make that observation is for scientific purposes).  I don’t have a mullet.  I don’t own a sporty dog.  What do we make of this?

Well… there’s a spectrum, people.  Learn it, live it, love it.  That’s why gay people say “everyone is gay”.  I, too, used to be the victim of having to hear that line from smug lesbos.  As someone who considered herself “straight”, I found it rather annoying.  But after a great deal of thinking (and uhauling), I’ve realized that it does have some merit.  (Congrats, you smug MFs.)  

In spite of the nuances of human sexuality, we tend to try to squeeze people into one of three socially constructed categories: gay, straight, or bisexual.  While efforts have been made to greatly expand that list of labels, I get the feeling that we won’t be seeing terms like “pansexual” in the headlines anytime soon.

Let’s face it: labels are nice because they make things easier.  We can use fewer words and think less.  And I’d be a hypocrite not to admit that I myself label people left and right (Erin u r so gay!).  So, label-loving Society, I accept “gay” for myself, but always with an asterik next to it referencing this post.

Anyway, back to Lindsay.  While it would be cool for her to drop said G-bomb, I can relate to her desire to leave herself undefined (at least for now?).  Personally, my magazine cover/spread would probably be less

…and more


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val, awesome post.

i completely agree with you, and im totally okay with lindsay not coming right out and labeling herself. we all have our shades of gray, and i think that’s completely acceptable, espcially in this day and age.

didnt i tell you you should write for afterellen??? you;d be fantastic!

Comment by iwentwest

Oh, stop it.

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy seeing that famous photo of Ellen in her trademark “tasteful white loafers”. (Have we confirmed yet that she wore similar footwear at her wedding?)

Comment by VallyO

I agree too! All of it. Even Alex’s comments. Your thoughts are right on point.

Val, you’d be an excellent writer for AfterEllen!

The OMF = Asian*


Comment by originalmf

she did!!! i saw in the video!! you know i was looking hard.

Comment by iwentwest

best auto generated link: “All god’s children need labels?”

Comment by iwentwest

Dear Shelley,

there’s a label for people like you, it’s called twinkie.

Comment by Erin

i love when erin resurfaces.

Comment by iwentwest

resurfaces?! who am i, lil nessie?

Comment by Erin

Val, you make a grampa so proud. You’ve come so far. Remember when I had to “explain” lesbians to you back when we were trying to discern whether there was a little somethin’ somethin’ going on between two certain someones (one of whom may or may not have had fiery eyes). And now here you are discussing the Kinsey scale and whatnot. You go girl!

Comment by Cat

Ha I have no idea what you’re talking about !!! jk. I like to think of you as one of my early influences.

Comment by VallyO

[…]  It was more like a casual affirmation (non-denial?).  But still a huge deal.  I know I said it was cool with me if those two didn’t want to do any relationship-defining.  But when I read the news today, I […]

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