Ah, Regret.

SNL: one hell of a drug
Tue, 16 September 2008, 3:13 pm
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Oh man, imagine having these two as parents.

With Tina Fey gone and Amy Poehler about to depart (due to impending baby), there’s really no reason left for me to watch the show (sorry, Keenan Thompson).

“It’s gonna be really hard — Boyz II Men hard — to say goodbye to yesterday,” [Poehler] says. “SNL was dangerous, late-night, last-minute and star-studded, but like any good drug, you need to know when to put it down.”

God I love Poehler.


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agreed. marie calling her ugly: so not cool. did you see when she guested on arrested dev as gob’s wife? priceless.

Comment by iwentwest

[…]  has been on a downward spiral of un-funniness recently–as far as I’m concerned, the departure of Poheler was the nail in the coffin–so I wasn’t really expecting to laugh.  At all.  But I […]

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