Ah, Regret.

She can see New Jersey from her house.
Tue, 16 September 2008, 12:21 pm
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As you(s) guys are now aware, I’ve been forced to give up my vice presidential dreams due to my guidette origins.  But although I may not be qualified to serve as second-in-command, I think I know someone who is.

Reasons Big Al would make a better VP than Sarah Palin

  • She’s not just a hockey MILF, she’s a hockey-playing MILF.
  • She only has three kids (not five), leaving ample time for VP activities.
  • Her eldest (only) daughter is not currently preggo (to my knowledge).
  • She hails from PA, that vast and unexplored final frontier (well, at least from NJ’s perspective). I bet they have tons of moose there.
  • I’m pretty sure she doesn’t think dinosaurs roamed the earth as little as 4,000 years ago.
  • She enjoys people of all races.
  • She loves teh gayz (especially me.  And lezzie hockey players).
  • She could be played by Amy Poehler on SNL.
  • I’m positive she could drink Palin under the table.
So Big Al, if you need a campaign manager look no further.  I can set you up with a presidential candidate (it doesn’t matter who, no one would care anyway) and get your vice-presidential-candidate blog up and running.  With a few clever Paint-altered photos we could lock in the blogosphere demographic.  Your shot-downing abilities would clinch the blue collar vote.  And we would easily get the hockey moms, the gays, and those swing-state Pennsylvanians.  So yeah, that’s pretty much everyone.
America, get ready for Big Al ’12… A MILF You Can Believe In!

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fact. she could totally sliiiiiide in veeptown.

Comment by hx

showing a little cleeve in the picture…spicy!

Comment by hal

I am running, or rather skating my way into the VP position… please stay tuned for recent photos of my press secretary handling my affairs…

Comment by BA

[…] for those of you following Big Al’s campaign for Vice President in 2012, I have some breaking news: confident of victory, Big Al has already chosen a press […]

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