Ah, Regret.

I turn my back on pop culture for two seconds…

As much as I love to devote at least eight hours every weekday to staying on the forefront of super-important pop culture news, let’s face it: I have better things to do on the weekend.  And usually it’s not a huge deal to spend five extra minutes catching up on Monday morning.  

Well this particular Monday morning, upon reading the usual sources, I found myself feeling completely… whelmed.  (Not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed, just whelmed.)  So I’m going to try to sort out my feelings for a minute here.

  • Lindsay went on (another) politix-blogging spree.  Except this time it would appear that the post was co-written by Samantha (hmm… just trying to imagine what a Val/Erin post would look like.  Title: Erin Has a Big Gay Crush on Jennifer Garner.  I Do Not!  You Do Too.  Hmph!!! Hmph.).  Wow, a joint blog post.  They. Do. Everything. Together!!! But no need to be alarmed, this is just typical lesbian behavior, I’m told.  Anyway, Lindsay, I demand that you stop this political commentary and get back to what’s really important: telling Sam how much you love her, using secret cryptic abbreviations.
  • Speaking of Palin (since it’s impossible not to), Amy Poehler and Tina Fey (!!!) performed a damn funny skit on Saturday’s SNL.  We are talking Debbie-Downer-level funny, here.  I’m sure you’ve seen it by now.  If you haven’t, then for the love of god stop reading this and click the link.
  • (EDIT) Gay marriage is now legal has been legal in Norway since June, but happened in a church for the first time.  (Good news for Gro and Katja ? if they care about god as much as handball, I suppose) I’m sure god will smite the Norwegians any day now, and when he does, I’ll be filled with relief that the U.S. hasn’t adpoted similarly evil legislation.
  • Paint-altered photos are now all the rage in the blogosphere.  I’m happy to take credit.
And on that note…

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ahhh val, the perfect monday post. i wish id been busy enough with real life to avoid the blogosphere, but as evidenced by my recent craze, that was certainly not the case.

i owe all my paint-altering creativity to you (though i must argue that as early as freshman year, i was doctoring photos of johnny depp).

Comment by iwentwest

i do not!!

Comment by Erin

Mom and I watched the Fey-Poehler skit together..

Fey: “Don’t refer to me as a MILF!”
Mother: “…MILF?”
Father: chuckle chuckle chuckle

Fortunately the skit continued for another 4 minutes and Mom forgot about it.

Comment by VDubbz

Haha oh, Mrs. Dubbs. I hope you explained the FLIRJ thing to that poor woman.

Comment by VallyO

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