Ah, Regret.

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Wed, 10 September 2008, 11:57 am
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For all you readers who often wonder what it’s like to live in a crunchy organic liberal bike-friendly city nestled in the foothills of the Rockies, I offer you a few recent local news stories.

Boulderites object to U-shaped bike racks

A plan to add hundreds of bicycle-parking spaces at 20 Boulder Valley schools has come under fire by some people who disapprove of the style of rack that officials plan to use.

Boulderites don’t vote for Republicans

Not a single Republican can be found on the Boulder City Council, county Board of Commissioners, or in any of the state legislative or U.S. House of Representative seats that cover a large swath of Boulder County.

Crocs aren’t cool anymore

[Boulder-based] Crocs recently reported second-quarter sales fell for the first time in its history as a publicly traded company, dragged down by a 20 percent drop in U.S. sales.

Whole Foods: the Microsoft of natural foods grocers?

The Federal Trade Commission said Monday that its hearing on Whole Foods Market Inc.’s acquisition of former rival [Boulder-based] Wild Oats will begin Feb. 16.


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this is hilarious. it appears your temperament is uncannily suited to boulder. i wonder what a similar search would find on sf.

Comment by iwentwest

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