Ah, Regret.

Monday, motherfuckers!
Mon, 8 September 2008, 3:16 pm
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Honestly you guys, I like Mondays a lot better when they’re day-off-from-work national holidays.  And if they can’t be that, then they should at least be less busy, because I need more time between 9 AM and 5 PM to focus on blogging.  

Although if I obey the commands of a certain sassy Asian (“Val, keep blogging!  I don’t care if it interferes with your job.”) then perhaps I’ll lose said pesky job and free up my entire schedule for this far more entertaining–yet far less lucrative–pursuit.  YAY!!!!

I’ll work on that.  In the mean time, please direct your attention to another lady of the Asian variety, whose facial expression in this picture rather befits a Monday kind of mood (also motherfuckerness in general), wouldn’t you say?



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look at that motherfucker. she looks like she’s preparing to play slap the bag

Comment by Erin

shit, i totally just remembered – like a month ago there was the PERFECT job for you. did you see the post on afterellen?

so it’s my dream to work for logo, but let’s be honest, youre way funnier online than i could ever be. if you wrote for afterellen, i bet we could get all of loose cannon and friends to read it =)

Comment by alex

[…] see a win towards internet celeb-hood in a photo at Surly Lump Central.  That’s nothing compared to the faces I make on the dancefloor, but those faces tend to be […]

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that’s what was missing from the tournament. wine! though i think that slap the bag would have been slumming it for dolan; i’m not so sure she would’ve wanted me to tip an ounce of franzia’s finest for her. i tend to heart bag-o.

Comment by originalmf

[…] she just is.  Trust us. […]

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