Ah, Regret.

On Motherhood
Fri, 5 September 2008, 10:29 am
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Heather: I just watched Bridge to Terabithia, which features a small boy in (emotional) peril, and i SOBBED
me: i’m sure you did!
Heather: i’m getting worse in my old age
i think i’m ready to bear small boys of my own
me: ew
Heather: maternal instinct is not GROSS
me: oh.
Jamie Lynn: omg she is 23 years old and doesnt even have a 8 babys yet!! that sux
Bristol: i know rite!!! n dont even get me started on teh gay one lol
Jamie Lynn: lol ew
Bristol: btw thx 4 the cute burp cloths!!
Jamie Lynn: yw!!! im glad we r bffs now
Bristol: ya me 2!!!! we can do mom stuff 2gether lol
Jamie Lynn: omg i no!! liek for our 21st bdays we could go 2 chuckie cheese with our 4 yearold kids n stuf!!!
Bristol: omg ya i cant wait

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omg ur nutz.

Comment by iwentwest

[let it be known: this is the only time i will EVER use grammar / compspeak as atrocious as that}

Comment by iwentwest

[…] Ellen and Portia have talked about having kids.  Must be that “maternal instinct” thingy I keep hearing about.  (Who knows, maybe one day preggo lesbos will be cooler than […]

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