Ah, Regret.

An open ecard to everyone in belated celebration of Labor Day
Tue, 2 September 2008, 1:54 pm
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After an illustrious Labor Day weekend, I’m sitting here at work instead of lying in bed. This does not please me. But the good news, faithful reader, is that my dismal mood has inspired me to send you an ecard.

That’s right. While I’ve slaved away (for over one month!) to create internet hilarity through gossip, gayness, hyperbole, half-truths, pseudo-news, silly cats, and photographs altered with MS Paint, what have you accomplished lately?

You’ve biked across the country, enrolled in grad school, successfully moved to a new city, gotten promoted at work, made tons of new friends, lost weight, gotten married, raised money for a good cause, finished that novel you’ve been working on, etc etc etc.

Well… great effort and all, but I still win.


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i was looking for a shoutout to me in this post, and here i am, satisfied.

why are you so good to me?

can i just say, seeing you this weekend, made everything just a little bit brighter and more hilarious.

Comment by iwentwest


Comment by VallyO

you have lost weight you skinny bitch — maybe not through actual labor but being too lazy to cook for yourself and/or erin’s lack of domestic skills have paid off since uhauling, huh?

Comment by SpicyMarie

lack of domestic skills?!!

oh i’m outraged.

Comment by Erin

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