Ah, Regret.

Brobama pwns the Gchat demographic
Fri, 29 August 2008, 10:31 am
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**Disclaimer: I’m not usually the Politix-blogging type (I’ve suppose I’ve dabbled), but today I just felt like it, gosh. Plus, so few people do it, it’s time someone stepped up. (If you were craving a “lesbian celebrity gossip” type of post, go look at these again.)**

This morning I couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming proportion of gchat status messages giving mad mad props to Brobama. Gosh I had no idea the man had such a stronghold over the “young person” demographic.

Right on! (No I am not immune to the magical powers.)

Speaking of Obamadrama, my usual ambivalence towards Hillary is leaning decidedly negative-wards as these days (guess my illusion has finally been dis-‘d). I was with her on the whole “girl power” thing, but I don’t think I like how the girl is currently using her power:

Listen, Rodham (I know you read this). Everything the monkey-man and his puppet masters say and do agitates my ulcers, and by helping out his clone you are seriously threatening my chances of having four outrage-free years. This does not please me.

OK I’m starting to hit the keys too forcefully… this is why we don’t blog about Politix. I need a stiff drink.

Also it has recently come to my attention that McCain chose a VP of the feminine persuasion. Well-played, you crazy old grouch. You have my womanly vote practically locked in, all you have to do now is not be McCain. Or a Republican.

P.S. I hope this post provided the in-depth political analysis you were expecting.


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