Ah, Regret.

B-city Burned by Brooks
Fri, 29 August 2008, 2:04 pm
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(Ugh more politix-related ranting?! This is the last one for today, I swear.)

Oh my word, NYT conservative columnist David Brooks sure has his panties in a bunch over some Bro who delivered a speech last night (perhaps you heard about it?). Now, despite the not-so-warm-and-fuzzy feelings that fill my heart when I encounter conservatives, I generally respect the guy for his (still not Dowd-level) writing abilities.

However, his latest column really made that respect falter, because honestly the tone and techniques that he employed would probably be more fitting for this ridiculous blog than for the New York Times Editorial Section.

And this is just on top of the fact that the main thrust of the column is to not only rip apart our beloved candidate, but also to completely burn young people in general, along with the concept of Hope, and the cities of Denver and Boulder. Gosh… I’m a Hopeful young person who resides in B-city… yowch! It’s just more than my poor little heart can bear.

I know, I know, a Times reader feeling a bit miffed by a Brooks column, how original. You’re crying a single tear. But the main reason I felt the need to post about this is to share with you guys Brooks’ aforementioned little shout-out to B-city:

And today we Democrats meet in Denver, a suburb of Boulder, a city whose motto is, “A Taxi? You Must be Dreaming.”

Whoa there! OK, it’s pretty much true that Denver is a suburb of Boulder, I’ll give you that one, Brooks. But Boulder’s motto is “A Taxi? You Must be Dreaming”?! You must be dreaming. First and foremost, there are plenty of clever yet somewhat insulting slogans for I could think up for this big little city (perhaps this post could inspire you next time), but that is certainly not one of them. (I eagerly await the Times‘ letter informing me that I have been hired as their newest columnist.)

Furthermore, the last college-type-town I lived in did not have what I’m seeing here, which are hordes of taxis lined up every night all along the main strip of bars and restaurants. So I would argue that catching a cab would not in fact be that difficult of a dream to attain, unless you’re feeling the need to be transported around this huge city all day and you don’t want to use its surprisingly elaborate and organized public transportation system or heaven forbid ride a bike, because only damn liberals use those modes of travel.

Brooks, listen, I’m pleased that for some reason Boulder holds a special place in your ice-cold conservative heart, but at least make the burn funny next time. There’s nothing worse than internet hilarity FAIL. May I suggest that you try limiting your bashing of a-place-that-is-not-world-epicenter-NYC to a nice easy one, like New Jersey or something. If you’d like, I can definitely read over your next column before you submit it to be published.


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