Ah, Regret.

You’re enjoying your election year, everything’s going your way (or not), then along comes Denver Downer
Thu, 28 August 2008, 12:33 pm
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Bad news, you guys. Apparently the Democrats are not partying hardy at this year’s national convention. According to the New York Times,

A new complaint being whispered by disgruntled guests [is that] partying in Denver is a downer.

Oh no! How did the Mile High City, the closest metropolis to my current residence, become the Debbie Downer of DNC host cities?

Blame nervous Democrats who are remembering their brash optimism in 2000 and 2004 […] or the party leaders who have warned attendees not to drink because of the altitude.

“Blame it on the altitude! (BIOTA)!” Hey, that’s my line (and also this Colorado-based bottled water company‘s, apparently)! Except I would argue that high altitude is a great party-booster. Attendees of the “Sex, Politics and Cocktails” shindig, sponsored by Planned Parenthood, seemed to have the right idea:

Bill Walsh, a delegate from South Carolina, dressed the patriotic part in a cowboy hat and a button-down shirt in an American flag pattern. “The air is thin and we’re all high,” Mr. Walsh said.

That’s the spirit Bill! South Carolina? You belong here in Boulder. But anyway, I’ll concede that high altitude isn’t all fun and games for everyone:

Partygoers who crowded into the bathroom at “Red Hot Affair” complained of headaches from altitude-induced dehydration.

Oh dear. Perhaps next time the Dems will stick to convening/partying at sea level. What they really should have done was arrive here a week or two early for some high altitude booze training. Ah, regret.


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