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somegaycards: when you’re gay enough to hit send
Wed, 27 August 2008, 10:24 am
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We all know that Hallmark is in the business of convincing us that sappy occasions (oh yes, everything from birthdays to Friendship Day) require sappy greeting cards, so it’s about time they capitalized on the recent deluge (gay-luge?) of gay marriages.

Hallmark Adds Same-Sex Marriage Cards

Great! Um, the only problem is that their offerings are pretty lame. I know greeting cards overall tend towards lameness, but if you’re willing to take the time sift through oh, about fifty or so, odds are you’ll find a gem or two in the mix. In this case however, with a mere three options to choose from, your chances are considerably slimmer. I mean this one is OK, but only because of the color scheme:

Anyway, I sense the urgent need for more humor and variety in mass-produced yet meaningful little conveyors of gay marriage sentiment. And since I’m assuming Hallmark executives wouldn’t know talent if it barfed a rainbow all over them, I humbly offer my ideas in the form of ecards (courtesy of the amazing new “create-your-own” feature of someecards.com).

(Note: My ecards are mostly targeted towards girl-on-girl marriage because I don’t feel that I’m quite gay enough to address man marriage.)

Click here check them out:

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oh my god, val, did you make these all up yourself? i knew you learned something at the christian greeting card company. you’ve just made my entire week. oh wait, you’re going to make my entire week when i see your beautiful smiling face on fri night. stay surly, loooooove alex.

Comment by iwentwest

Yes I made them up myself. I have a lot of talents that aren’t exactly what one would call “marketable”.

Comment by VallyO

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