Ah, Regret.

All Power to the Virbs! Bread, Land, and Rainbows!
Mon, 25 August 2008, 10:36 am
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Perhaps some of you have been wondering, “Gee Val, why/how do you write sooooo many blog posts?” Well, it seems that Virb has figured it out. Apparently I post so much because I am one of these:

(Can you guess which one?)

Hm, a tube. I hadn’t really thought of myself that way.

In any case, keeping up that spirit of friendly analysis, I would like to inform you that the Virbs (aka Virb & Mini-V) are:

The USSR of Lesbian Couples

Why are they the constitutionally socialist state of lesbo partnerships? Well first of all, “Virbitsky”–I mean that just sounds like the name of a Communist leader. But more important, these two comrades are tricky and have a lot of secrets. I’m sorry but I can’t divulge any more information, or they’ll have me shot (I’ve already said too much!).


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where do you even come up with this stuf??

Comment by alex

I’m an artiste.

Comment by VallyO

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