Ah, Regret.

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Fri, 22 August 2008, 5:40 pm
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[Perhaps some of you were wondering why Heather’s name hasn’t been popping up in any of my posts or comment sections lately?]

me: i dont facebook wall-post enough these days
i did a little bit this week
Heather: NOT TO ME!
me: my bad
you’ve hardly gchatted with me lately!
i forgot you existed
Heather: stop it valerie!
me: you’ve been distant!
are you seeing someone else ?!?!
Heather: i’ve been busy!
me: do you have another friend ?!!??!?!
Heather: i’ve been working late!
me: you are friendship cheating on me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heather: I LIKE BOYS!
me: who is she?
is she pretty?
Heather: i’ve found a nice, pretty, lesbian handball player to gchat with
i’m sorry you had to hear it like this
me: ugh, i knew it

[As of right now we are still trying to work things out, we’ll see how it goes though.]


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val, i think you’ve turned into one of the tubes of the internet. it’s obviously the only explanation for why you’ve been posting so much. i may or may be really drunk right now. but the level of my drunkness doesn’t affect the level of my spelling. that’s right. ponder that.

Comment by virb

sparks just makes you spell better, virb!

Comment by originalmf

[…] “Gee Val, why/how do you write sooooo many blog posts?” Well, it seems that Virb has figured it out. Apparently I post so much because I am one of […]

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