Ah, Regret.

For those of you following along at home

A Few Reasons My Blog Totally Rules

  • It’s so humble!
  • Exact figures have not yet been released, but early reports estimate that posting in it has more than halved my already underwhelming productivity levels at work.
  • It’s one of the (many, apparently!) things that makes me gayer than Cat C. aka Gramps. (For those of you who don’t have the pleasure of knowing that Pioneer of Gay, let me put it this way: it’s kind of like saying Shelley is now gayer than Marie, or Lindsay is gayer than Ellen.)
  • Spaghetti Cat!
  • It gives Alex a forum in which to frantically post hilarious/incoherent comments. (Haven’t read all of them yet? You’re not getting the full surlylump blog experience. Go back right now and click the “comments” link on almost every post I’ve ever made.)
  • Baby Unicorn: It makes people believe in me.
  • It has the scientifically-proven ability to make people snort coffee out the nose.
  • It makes you, dear reader, just a little bit gayer too.

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I don’t know, Val. I think if you keep posting like this, you might take Marie’s crown.

Comment by robotsheep

the gay list:

marie > virb > surly lump > alex > … > kayla

Comment by Mini V

hhaaa mini v, when are you going to get a blog???

and what makes you think im gayer than you? and who’s in between us? shelley? i think not.

Comment by alex

Oh Mini V… I am pleased as pie that you commented! However I take issue with your gay list. There is no way Alex is gayer than you. I think we should put together a more accurate and comprehensive list. It seems like just the sort of thing I would enjoy spending hours if not days working on.

Comment by VallyO

Dear Mini V,

I think you are using the wrong parameters in your rankings of gayness level. Let’s think about this a little more in depth…

We can all agree that everything marie touches turns to gay. I would also claim that every lady the coug touches turns to gay (at least briefly). Now let’s think about some of the typical gay things the coug likes, trucks, sporty dogs, and dirtbikes. How you’d get that scar on your face again? oh, that’s right, riding a dirtbike. GAY!

Comment by Erin

when did erin get so funny?

val, id like to see a few exhibits on the relative gayness of us all. i suppose holly will be on one end, and marie on the other?

Comment by alex

I must be rubbing off on her (if you know what I mean).

And I would propose more of a Dolan type lady to go towards the zero end of our scale.

Comment by VallyO

I am not calling Holly’s sexuality into question, she certainly loves the cock. but, picture this, a late night of kegstands at bucknell, loads of other liberal/bicurious ultimate playing girls around. who is more likely to drunkly make out with one of them, dolan or holly? i think we all know the answer.
Anyways, Dolan would be busy demanding, wine, pot, and steve.

Comment by Erin

“Dolan wants ______, bitches!”
Hint: the answer is not “fish tacos”.

Comment by VallyO

oh my! i’m not sure how this comment thread escaped my eye. miss val, you have your work cut out for you. a comprehensive list would involve an extensive amount of effort. if i’m not in between alex and kayla, where am i? i’d like to think i merely dabble in things involving rainbows, except, of course when reading your blog…in which case, i’m engulfed by unicorns and all the pretty colors!

Comment by originalmf

Children, children. It’s not about who’s the gayest. It’s about who’s doing the most with the gay God gave them.

On a side note, Val, am I to believe that any interaction we have from now on will eventually, and most likely, immediately, end up on this blog somewhere?

Comment by Cat

Ah, Cat, so wise. That’s why we need our senior citizens, people. They may be old but we still need them.

To address the second part of your comment: no! Have I blogged about the email interaction we shared today? No! Um… well until now that is. But this time you forced me to! Hmph.

Comment by VallyO

[…] time you might want to go back and read some of the comment strings on my blog posts, especially this one which has gotten quite epic lately.  It will be like watching reruns, except better! No […]

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why am i second on the gay list? i don’t think i belong so high on the list, especially considering the content of this blog.

Comment by virb

remember how you read afterellen.com religiously? yeah, i do.

Comment by Mini V

hhahaahaaa. mini v, i love you.

Comment by iwentwest

[…] i have a lot of feelings [I’m just going to go ahead and label this post SO GAY.  For those of you keeping score, feel free to use it as grounds for awarding me more gay […]

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