Ah, Regret.

Actual lesbians get married. Hurrah.

Sapphic marriage is all the rage these days, eh?

It does seem like a rainbow-puking good time, but I’m still ambivalent about the whole thing. Teh gayz should have the same rights as the latent homosexuals, er I mean straights, but what’s so great about marriage anyway? I guess there’s the allure of becoming a ’50s housewife bitch. But with Erin constantly demanding that I make her a sandwich, I already am that person (don’t be jealous). On the other hand, lesbians are known for their love of commitment, so why not get it in writing? Plus, alcohol-soaked wedding receptions (is that redundant to say?) are awesome and full of regret just waiting to happen. And I like rings.

Well perhaps I’ll wait it out and see whether gay divorce is cool or not. (I’m sorry, was that a surly, lumpy thing to say?) And if I ever do agree to participate in the Sacrament of Holy Gay Matrimony you’d better believe I’m going to go back and delete this post and pretend it never happened.


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Comment by Erin

im not sure why, but something about these two weirds me out. like, ellen is cool, and i love arrested dev, and thus portia by default. but for some reason…i think it’s the age thing. hmmm.

Comment by alex

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