Ah, Regret.

Rice: nice.
Mon, 11 August 2008, 10:35 am
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Monday morning office cooler hot topic: Olympic swimmers omgzzz! The men’s team and their exciting relay win, etc. etc. Well if I may, I’d like to take the focus off athletic achievement for a minute and place it back where it belongs: looks.

Let me just start off by saying I’m not a huge fan of swimming. I have a long list of other Olympic sports I’d rather observe, most of them involving a ball (soccer, rhythmic gymnastics, etc.). Anyway, the thing with swimmers is that they’re just not that hot. Phelps is not a bad-looking young guy, but that’s just the thing–he’s a guy. Female swimmers tend to look like this:

Oh dear. So Friday evening, just as I’m lamenting to Erin about how I’d rather be watching a rousing match of handball, I look up at the TV screen and my eyes see this:

Hot(!) lady swimmer?! Must be a mistake, she’s on the beach volleyball team right? Apparently not. Stephanie Rice, Austrialian (accent !!!), 20 years old, model, tabloid magnet, my new reason to watch women’s swimming. (If, like me, you need to see more, here you go.) I’m sure she’d kiss a girl, just to try it. (And like it!)

(Hmm, any more posts like this, and Erin will be restricting my Olympic viewing to the Puppy Games.)


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Dear Val,

I’m sorry, but I don’t like you in that way. But you should keep watching women’s swimming, b/c many of those ladies would.


Comment by Stephanie Rice

that comment above just made my day.
phelps looks like a monkey. seriously.
and he always looks naked when he pulls the top half of his suit down.

fyi: women’s handball, while confusing as heck, is also gay as hell. i dont know anything about them, and my spanish is poor, but these two are like the best handball players in the world. and totally a couple: http://www.rompiendoelsilencio.cl/articulos/articulos_1ago08.html

Comment by iwentwest

I thought you liked blondes…

Comment by BA

Oh A… keep dreaming

Comment by VallyO

blondes?! so the truth comes out. i knew there was something more than friendship behind heather and your second base hugs. i am outraged.

Comment by Erin

Erin: You’re a jealous lesbian, Lindsay would be proud.
Heather: LJBF.

Comment by VallyO

once again it seems that i am more like lindsay and you are more like sam…

Comment by Erin

[…] my most devoted readers will note, I have referred (in a post about Rice, haaa) to the aforementioned dolphin-man as “not a bad looking guy.” […]

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