Ah, Regret.

An open ecard to Gordy (with regards to last night)
Fri, 1 August 2008, 11:15 am
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…a self who can’t help but constantly bring up the topic of your friend-winning good looks, and who is also a belligerently sore loser at foosball. (Although you are a foosball shark, and you hustled me, and you know what I’m not over it!) Do you miss me already?


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She is just way to good looking Val. We have nothing on her. It has nothing to do with personality, just remember that.

Comment by Cougar

all I can say is WOW, i mean… wow! you are amazing Val! I already miss you and Erin so much it hurts sometimes. And by the way, I think it was you and the Cougs who were the sore losers at foosball… just saying…

Comment by Cougar

umm.. ya i left that last comment… the Cougs computer just happen to put her info in… ha.

Comment by gordy

Gordy – Yes that’s what I meant, I am the sore loser. Anyone who has ever played against me in bar sports and drinking games would agree.

Cougar – Maybe if I were better-looking I would win more at foosball.

Comment by VallyO

val does not like to be taught free lessons. not at all.

Comment by erincrider

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