Ah, Regret.

Happy birth, Burghardts!
Tue, 29 July 2008, 9:38 am
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(Um… you two do read this thing, right?)
Hot twin action.
[Fig. 1] Hot twin action.

Which is which?

(Hint: The one on the left is in turmoil and the one on the right is aloof yet dependable.)


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I think that now that your gay you should be playing more hockey…. puck on.

Comment by BA

OK Mommy! Will you teach me?

Comment by VallyO

wow — that’s one big smile val! how come you never gave me that smile when i petted your head?

Comment by SpicyMarie

hey! i just found this approximately 6 months after it was posted. AND i even read your blog! i think i just have trouble finding out which are recent posts that I haven’t read. the side thing is confusing !!!!! VALLY EXPLAIN TO ME HOW TECHNOLOGY WORKS!

(anyway belated thx for the b-day wishes!)

Comment by leafy

You burgs are always a liiiittle behind the times, aren’t ya!

Comment by VallyO

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