Ah, Regret.

First impressions are everything, people
Mon, 28 July 2008, 11:51 am
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What’s the gchat buzz about this new blog thing? Let’s take a peek.

Alexandra: i love you.
me: ha i love you too!
we’re in love
Alexandra: this looks great
me: why do you love me?
Alexandra: damn i like your template

Heather: i read it during grad school
your blog > grad school
me: just like i imagined it
grad school = reading my blog

Erin: you just don’t want me to tear you away from your precious blog
me: hey! dont you start being jealous of it
it’s just a project
Erin: it’s too late, i’m filled with jealousy!

Hm sounds about right! In other news, I noticed that so far all I’ve blogged about is blogging. How original. What’s next? Politics? Music? “Life”? So many banalities, so little time to capture each one into words and then self-publish the results on a daily basis for the benefit of the many many interested parties out there. Feed my ego !!!



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this is so meta.

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